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Marks & Clerk Partners with Invest Ottawa to Fuel Entrepreneurship at AccelerateOTT 2018

OTTAWA, February 2, 2018

Ottawa-based Intellectual Property (IP) firm Marks & Clerk today announced a partnership with Invest Ottawa, lead economic development agency for Canada’s Capital Region, to support AccelerateOTT 2018, the flagship annual entrepreneurship conference that convenes Ottawa’s entrepreneurs, start-ups, and scale-up companies. Marks & Clerk is one of the world’s foremost IP firms, with offices in Canada, the UK, Europe and Asia.
As an AccelerateOTT sponsor, Marks & Clerk’s expert teams will also deliver a series of complimentary IP workshops to entrepreneurs at Bayview Yards, Ottawa’s one-stop business acceleration shop and home of Invest Ottawa. These workshops will provide start-ups and SMEs with key insight into the fundamentals of IP, equipping founders, innovators and leaders with the tools required to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and secure their IP in the world’s leading markets. Topics include how to recognize a patentable idea and how to build successful IP portfolios and strategies.
“We are thrilled to support AccelerateOTT, a great initiative that brings together Canadian innovators, entrepreneurs and investors together under one roof to help catalyze the growth of Ottawa firms,” said Hetal Kushwaha, Managing Principal at Marks & Clerk’s Ottawa office.
“Businesses can often overlook IP Strategy, as they often think that once they’ve filed a patent or trademark, then their IP is taken care of. We aim to help AccelerateOTT participants understand that there is much more to IP than this and, by building a robust IP strategy early on, businesses can ensure success downstream,” said Kushwaha.
“Ottawa and Canada more widely are leading the world in sectors including life sciences, communication technology, transportation and more, and we look forward to working with our colleagues at Invest Ottawa to help build on this momentum.”
As our flagship conference, AccelerateOTT showcases how Ottawa’s entrepreneurs and firms are taking on the world, attracting new investment, putting top talent to work, and achieving success in global markets,” said Michael Tremblay, President & CEO, Invest Ottawa. “It provides participants with actionable insight, new connections and opportunities that propel commercial growth and success. Marks & Clerk’s is an ideal sponsor to help us realize these goals. We are grateful for their support of AccelerateOTT2018, and contribution to our entrepreneurial community.”

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