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Brandon Reti

Brandon brings over a decade of mobile and digital experience to the table. Brandon has been a pioneer in the mobile space starting with his research and business development roles at Airborne Mobile in 2005, one of Canada’s first mobile startups. There he negotiated with large international brands such as the NFL, NHL, FOX, Family Guy and Maxim.

In 2010 he was recruited to help create the mobile department at Manwin, one of the largest adult entertainment companies in the world. Brandon’s role was to build and guide a team of designers, programmers and analysts to create profitable and robust mobile sites. Brandon helped build a team of over 45 people and ramp up traffic to over 20 million daily visits as well as manage million dollar revenue streams and product budgets. It was at Manwin where Brandon was able to hone his skills in gathering big data and acting on it.

After close to five years in the adult industry Brandon wanted a new challenge and was offered the VP Mobile position at Breather. Breather raised 1.5 million in its seed round from Real Ventures amongst others. Brandon’s role at Breather is to help build the team, help create the overall strategy as well as create the digital experience across iOS, web and Android.

Presentation: Why you’re probably wrong about your MVP!